Our Services

Get Out There will take your business, establish your goals and devise a strategy that will work for you. Whether you are starting up and need to get the word out, planning to launch a campaign for your new project or need to improve morale at the office, we are there for you.

Communications Strategy

Creating a communication strategy is essential for your business. We take the time to research and compose a communications strategy targeting the specific needs your business requires.

Content Development

It’s not what is said, but how it is said, that will attract your audience. By carefully analysing your target market, we will develop the content that will intrigue the browser to follow through and contact you.

Media Relations

Traditional marketing will always play a role in the Namibian community. We do our best in building and maintaining strong relationships with all platforms of our national media enterprises.

Social and Digital Media

In a rapidly developing world of technology, an online presence is vital. We will not only create the ideal platform for your business or campaign; but also maintain it or provide you with the necessary training to manage it yourself.

Brand Awareness

Every business has one or more brands. Creating awareness of your brand is where things get technical. Our expertise lies in customising the best-suited brand awareness strategy for your needs.

Event Management

What is the plan? We know that every business wants their event to be the number one topic on the lips of their audience. Let us make that a possibility by making the concept a reality and following through to the very end.


It’s never too late to learn new tricks. We have various training programs that will help improve your business and the staff within.

Our Packages

Not sure what you need? Take a look at our selection of packages to help you find the right combo of Public Relations, Marketing and Communications for you.

Get Out There Press Release Package One
Content Development checkmark
One Ad for digital and traditional media checkmark
Newspaper ad in Three platforms (placement cost not included) checkmark
Radio interview/ad (placement cost not included) checkmark
Get Out There Starter Pack One Two Three
Target Market Establishment checkmark checkmark checkmark
Corporate Identity (Logo design, Email Signature, Letter Head, Business Cards) checkmark checkmark checkmark
Email Setup (20 emails without website) checkmark checkmark checkmark
Social Media Setup (Facebook, Instagram, Owler, training included) checkmark checkmark checkmark
A brochure checkmark checkmark checkmark
Two ad/poster/banner designs (for online and/or print media) checkmark checkmark checkmark
Content Development (for brochure/social media and other platforms) checkmark checkmark checkmark
Social Media Strategy (for 3 months) checkmark checkmark checkmark
Web Development (management training included) checkmark checkmark
Awareness Campaign (costs excluded) checkmark
Staff Training checkmark
Get Out There Social and Digital Management Basic Plus Full
Two ad/poster designs per week checkmark checkmark checkmark
Two Facebook/Instagram posts per week checkmark checkmark checkmark
Daily story posts (images provided by client) checkmark checkmark
Daily story posts checkmark
Monthly Feedback & Progress Report checkmark checkmark checkmark
One Google ad run checkmark checkmark
Weekly Blogging/press releases (topics provided by client) checkmark
All Social Media Coverage for any marketing/public relations purposes checkmark